Our Projects

Yip Shing 6
Yip Shing 6
Yip Shing 6 is the third Modular Social Housing project. HKCSS commissioned HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre (HKSKH LMC) to be the service operator to manage properties, allocate flats to eligible residents and provide social service support. The project aims to foster synergy between diversified social support services and the community while promoting green living and community health by improving the living conditions of inadequately housed households. Through participative management, the project will also aim to facilitate healthy living, strengthen individual abilities and broaden the social network of the grassroots, thus leading to a more harmonious community for all.
1 Cheong San
Cheong San 1
Cheong San 1 is the second Modular Social Housing Project. HKCSS commissioned St. James Settlement (St. James) to be the service operator. The project aims to relieve the urgent housing needs of low-income families with 1-3 members, and also improve their living environment and quality of life. St. James applied the concept of “Healthy Lifestyle” to design social services for improving the physical and mental health of the residents. In addition, volunteer services are also included in the programme, engaging to train residents to be health champions in the housing estate.
Nam Cheong 220 Photo
Nam Cheong 220 (Completed)
Nam Chong 220  was the first Modular Social Housing Project in Hong Kong to adopt “Modular Integrated Construction”. With the donation from The Charities Trust of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, HKCSS commissure Tung Wah Group of Hospital (TWGH) to be the service operator, running the Jockey Club Incubating Community Participation through incubating efficacy in the community for decent livelihood through Modular Social Housing. TWGH applied the concept of “Sharing Economy” to facilitate the sharing of daily necessities, skills and time. Through those activities, the households can establish a strong neighborhood network among the household and the community with the “sharing of life” idea.
Community Housing Movement (Completed)
The three years pilot project of Community Housing Movement was launched in September 2017 and completed in September 2020. The project was supported by the Community Chest of Hong Kong and the SIE Fund. Its objective was to provide short-term relief by way of accommodation and support service to individuals or families who are living in inadequate housing, low-income and in urgent need of community support. HKCSS played the role of an intermediary platform in soliciting and renovating idle residential properties and then sublet them to eligible NGOs/SEs as qualified operators to operate these flats and provide service to the target users.